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Shipping & Returns

Order Processing

While processing your order, PG Mart may need to contact you to discuss the availability of items in your order and any suggested replacements. We require your response within 15 minutes of receiving emails or phone calls about any replacements in your order, otherwise, we may deliver only the actual items ordered without including any suggested replacements. At checkout, we ask customers their preferred mode of us communicating with them, this preferred mode of communication however only applies to any update to your order prior to dispatch. Once an order has been dispatched, other communication may be by phone call, so we require you to have your phone readily available.


For your convenience, we have a number of outlets and logistics in which we expect to deliver your order. At checkout, you may select your preferred outlet and we will make every attempt to deliver within your selected delivery outlet. In the event that there is a delay, you will be notified as much in advance as possible. Ultimately, the delivery outlets are a guide and we are not bound to deliver within the stipulated outlet. What we do guarantee is that your order will be delivered within 24 hours of the time of your selected delivery outlet. That said, the majority of our customers’ orders are delivered within their chosen delivery outlet and it is always our goal to achieve this. Beyond the delivery outlet selected at checkout, we are unable to accept requests for deliveries at specific times.


We always endeavor to deliver your order directly to your doorstep, however, if access to your location is limited due to a dilapidated road, flooding, roadblocks, civil unrest, or any other encumbrances, then we will require you to notify us in advance and also to meet the delivery driver at a convenient and more accessible location. Failure to notify us of any such issues may result in a delay and/or rescheduling of your delivery or cancellation of your order.

Also, if your order contains large and/or heavy items the driver is only bound to reach your doorstep and the first floor


In order to ensure that our delivery drivers effect timely deliveries, they are mandated to wait for a maximum of 5 minutes for each customer to receive their orders from them. After contacting a customer and the customer is either unresponsive or fails to show up after 5 minutes, the driver will leave your address. If you are unreachable at the point of delivery, your order may be rescheduled at an additional cost. We will accept no liability for perishable or other items that are damaged due to the wait time.




When we receive customer orders, we begin processing them immediately. We run a no refund or return of goods bought in good condition policy. Thus, once an order has been paid for, PG Mart is unable to accept a cancellation of the order, neither is PG Mart able to process a refund. This, however, does not affect your rights to a refund in the event that an incorrect or damaged item is delivered.

If we deliver an incorrect or damaged item (damage that has been caused by us), we will happily replace the item at no additional cost to you. For us to replace such items, customers will need to notify the delivery driver of their observation at the point of delivery. Once customers have taken delivery of their order and signed confirming this, they take ownership of the items and PG Mart will be unable to accept any returns. For this reason, we ask customers to carefully check and confirm the accuracy of their order with the delivery driver before acknowledging receipt by signing. PG Mart will not accept returns for items that have no material damage to them. Products that are materially intact but whose packaging may have scratches, peels, tearing, dents, discoloration, rust, or any other aesthetic impairment that does not affect the taste, functionality or integrity of the actual product may not be accepted by PG Mart as a return.

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